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Anal sex pain

The 19 Biggest Misconceptions About Anal Sex

Skip navigation! Story from Sex. If done right, anal sex can be can great way to stimulate a major pleasure point. It could also be caused by moving too quickly, not giving the muscles in the anus enough time to relax. Related Stories. Both these situations are common and not cause for concern, unless the pain is pornhubolder or lasts more than a few days.

What You Can Do About Pain During Anal Sex

Germane sex imges, some already-existing anal conditions — such as hemorrhoids — can be irritated by anal sex, and rough anal sex without lube can sometimes cause tearing. But if you experience minor pain during anal, using more lubegoing more slowly, and communicating with your partner will likely change how anal sex feels.

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STIs can be transmitted through anal sex, so you'll likely want to use a condom as well. You can also try anal anal with something smaller than a penis or dildo — like fingering or a using a small butt plug — to see if you like how that feels. The most important thing is to listen to your body and communicate with your partner.

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