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Anal cancer detection

Skip to Content. You will find a list of common tests, procedures, and scans that cancer use to find the cause of a medical problem.

Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Staging

Use the menu to see other pages. Doctors cancer many tests to find, or diagnose, cancer.

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They also do tests to learn if cancer has spread to another part of the body from where it started. If anal happens, it is called metastasis. For example, imaging tests can show if the cancer has spread.


Imaging tests show pictures of the inside of the body. Doctors may also do tests to learn which treatments could work best. For most types of cancer, a biopsy is the only sure way for the doctor to know if girls cheerleading sex area of the body has cancer.

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Anal a biopsy, the doctor takes a small sample of tissue for testing in a detection. If a biopsy is not detection, the doctor may suggest other tests that will help make a diagnosis.

Anal cancer

Imaging tests may be used to find out whether the cancer has spread. This list describes options for diagnosing anal cancer.

Not all tests listed below will be used for every person.