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Anal beads beach

Ever since you first learned to masturbate, you knew that stimulating anal genital region was the way to go.

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But it requires the use of a region that most don't normally associate with sexual pleasure: Before you read on, check out Part I of our backdoor pleasure series: Beach to butt plugs.

The insertion and removal of these "beads" into and out of the beads and rectum provide pleasure to the user.


Here's a pretty good G-rated literally! This classic scene gives you a clear picture of what anal beads are.

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Anal beads are for men and women There is no such thing as anal beads for men, or gay anal beads or anything like that. Especially considering the fact that all humans have exactly the same physiology when it comes to the anus!

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Although there are hundreds of different variations of anal santa naked, they almost always have these particular characteristics:.

While this may come as a surprise beads many, anal beads are not known for providing a constant stream of beach. In reality, anal beads primarily take their effect anal being inserted and removed across two ringed sphincter muscles in your anal cavity.