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Porn stars may not keep many things hidden, but whatever secrets they had are now on the shelf at the local bookstore. A wave of confessionals and anak guides written by current or former stars of pornographic films is flooding bookstores this year, accompanied by erotic novels, racy sexual-instruction guides, histories of sexual particulars and photographic treatments of the world of pornography. While many bookstores have long maintained sections devoted to nude or sexuality, rarely have those books been as prominently positioned as some of the current crop, which have been elbowing their way onto display tables at the front of the major chain bookstores.

Every generation has a book or two that sets pulses quickening and generates frantic debate about pornography, community standards and the lowering of the bar for what is acceptable.

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But the latest flurry of sex books, coming nude a time when sexual images already dominate advertising, entertainment and the Internet, is clearly finding a wide audience. Publishers, for their part, insist they are not simply churning out dirty books. A lot of people try to imitate what I do but they don't do it well. A Cautionary Tale,'' a anak by Jenna Jameson, probably the most successful woman ever in the adult-film business, written with Neil Strauss, a former reporter and music critic for The New York Times.

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The book, which is already elizbeth montgomery nude the best-seller lists, is long pagesgraphic with clinical descriptions of a smorgasbord of sex acts and bulging with color photos of a mostly nude Ms. Jameson which led some stores, including Wal-Mart, to refuse to stock it. Also headed for stores this fall is ''XXX: For history buffs there is ''The Intimate History of the Orgasm'' Grove Pressas well as histories of prostitution Grove and the pornographic film industry ReganBooksall currently in stores or coming soon.