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American reunion nudity

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American Reunion [] [R] - | Parents' Guide & Review |

See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. Amid the raunchy humor is the message that friends henai girls couples need to make the effort to maintain relationships, whether it's the occasional night out with the guys or scheduling time for a husband and wife to be alone without the kids.

The characters here are mostly trying to do the right thing -- even if they might try to do it after a reunion too many drinks. They stick up for their friends even the most obnoxious onesand the guys remain devoted to their wives despite many temptations to stray.

Jason Biggs on 'American Reunion' nudity: 'It's my penis'

Several people get into a drunken brawl outside a party, with plenty of punches, kicks, and knock-down, nudity fighting. Some couples get into heated arguments. Male and female american, including bare breasts, male backsides, and an extended look at one man's penis.

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Several sex scenes include vigorous thrusting american suggestions of oral sex, given by both genders. Both men and women are interrupted masturbating, and there's a not-so-brief look at online porn with sound effects.

Nudity nearly constant talk about sex -- who's having it, who isn't, who wants to, and how -- usually in the crudest possible terms.

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Every possible swear word -- from "f--k" to "s--t" to "py" and more including "c--k," "d--k," "ass," "hell," "oh my God," and more -- is used, multiple times and often in creative permutations. Anywhere the crowd is gathering, there's plenty of drink, including beer, shots, wine and hard liquor.