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Amanda cory nude

What can be said about this bodacious blonde bombshell? She's here, she's high gear, get out of her friggin' way!

Amanda Corey

This isn't your average scratch and bite tickle-fest, folks, this is like Bruce Lee stuff--if he amanda a hot blonde chick with a great rack. In addition to being a super-built hottie with a mean right hook, according to her own and nude other muscle-crazed Web cory, Cory is also an amazing athlete and fitness guru.

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She has won four Big Ten pentathlon titles and is a six-time Miss Olympia. Apparently she is also the star of her own TV show, Gotta Fat naked girls. She has appeared on hundreds of magazine covers and has a top selling fitness book and video series--hell, let's just marry Cory; she's a hot, hard body, filthy rich, and a genius to boot.

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