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Immortalized human skin cells HaCaT keratinocytes expressing fluorescently tagged keratin. Newborn rat cochlea with sensory hair cells green and spiral ganglion neurons red.

Cartilage-like tissue grown in the lab using bone stem cells collagen fibers in green sexee fat deposits in red. Exaerete frontalis orchid cuckoo bee from the collection of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

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If you're looking to get freaked out this Halloween, there are a lot of options: Or, you could just look through a microscope. Yup, a microscope. All due respect to Pennywisebut some things are never as scary as they are when they're magnified afganistangirl hundred times.

Don't believe us? Then look at the images from this year's 43rd annual Nikon Small World competition. The entries include a nightmarish close-up of a tapeworm with a toothy frown; a freaky shot of a daddy longleg's bulging, lidless eye; and a view of two gangrene-hued weevils getting it on—a bit more ew than boo.

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Out of 2, entries submitted, those creepy visions all made the top 20 in the Small World competition. Coming from scientists and photographers in 88 countries, the submissions were all shot through a microscope that magnified them photo to times—but not all of them are as spooky as they are beautiful. There's also a weirdly breathtaking shot of a bat fetus skeleton, a closeup of a newborn rat's spiraling inner ear, and many more surprising views of nature—from pollen to hair to nerve clusters—you'd never otherwise see.

Eerie or megaporn teacher, such images help scientists better understand nature.