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Action girls

Not too long ago, having a woman kicking ass was an earth-shocking novelty.

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Now, however, there are loads of tropes and archetypes girls effortlessly manage to combine a double-dose action femininity and a double-dose of asskickery. We have powerful video game heroineswe have powerful film heroineswe have powerful comic book heroinespeople could go on and on about examples left and right and all over the place. In some fiction, however, it seems that being a woman instantly gives you masterful ability in gun-slinging, martial arts, swordplay, or sometimes more.

World of Action Girls

In these settings, almost every major female character is an incredibly dangerous badass who could take on the police and military with their hands tied behind their back, and are far more numerous than the men. While that's not to say that the ass-kicking men are non-existent, they are either secondary characters or just vastly outnumbered.

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It's far more likely that the men will be a Non-Action Guytagging girls and acting as either Mission Control or action support. When you have only a small squadron of badass women, that's an Amazon Brigade. When nearly every man and woman and maybe even some kids are badass and the numbers are fairly equal, that's a World of Badass.

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This trope is not about the women of a World of Badass ; rather, it is when the numbers are decisively tilted in the women's favor.

Military Moe is a subtrope of ileana porn videos, a setting with cute girls in military-like situations. This does not mean that there are lots of Designated Girl Fights.

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Rather, it means that most of the people doing the fighting are girls. However, if one of the rare male fighters only finds another, equally rare, male fighter to tussle with, then the trope is in effect. Community Showcase More.