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Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password. E-mail Error message here! We provide professional services for you — VPS installation and configuration, fast and qualified technical support of software, including that that runs on VPS. Support always available via Ticket system, online chat and Skype. Отличный хостинг, брал впс, и сервер, очень хорошая цена за такое качество и.

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Порадовала практически моментальная активация заказа. А саппорт был просто на высшем уровне! Работаю с этой командой уже лет 6 наверное. Индивидуальный подход. Отдельный респект Салу ; Рекомендую. Our company was founded in by two young and ambitious guys.

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Time passed, we continued to grow. We began to manage servers as a small team, and as a result we provide dedicated servers with free support and the creation of complex software Toggle navigation Client Area. More details about payment methods you can find here. It happens if we have large queue to create servers. Personal account has url bill. You can change e-mail for notifications in Personal account - Settings horizontal right menu - E-mail for notifications — Ok.

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Forgot password? Order Website Hosting now! Activation hosting servers for 1 minute. Automatic installation CMS. If you have any questions - we are always happy to tell you more about our services and promotions or help in making an order.

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Hard configuration of servers for website hosting Dual- processor platform HP DL G7 - ideal combining reliability and efficiency 2 processors Intel Xeon E - 6 cores and 2. Available programming languages and interpreters PHP - a main programming language when you use PHP hosting Perl - a high-level interpreted dynamic programming language Python - a high-level interpreted language general-purpose Shell - interface for interaction user and system SSI - a easy programming language for dynamic compose web pages from parts on server Ruby on Rails — Ruby framework CGI — one of the popular means of creating dynamic web-pages.

For easy work with hosting you can use popular established Web applications. ISPmanager - a control panel of server via easy and intuitive web interface phpMyAdmin - a web interface for administration database management system MySQL.

Automatically performed tasks on the server side Backup of your files save on separate physical server. All files, setting of panel data bases and e-mail copy. Task runs every day. There are 10 last copies in the same time. Archives backups are not counted when calculating the used disk space. Optimization data base tables MySQL — task runs every day, fix and optimize data bases. Optimization of data bases allow to aim maximal speed work of service MySQL hosting.

Log rotation — auto clearing files logs of web-server allow to free up disk space. It works very hour or everyday. When designing websites hosting services we focused on the speed of trusted us web-projects. Disk subsystem — using RAID controller with cashing memory. Nginx - optimization of cashing politic, compression static pages and reduction of response time.

Memecached - net cashing service is available on all plans. First of all, our data center is under clock monitoring and physical access to this place is limited.

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OS FreeBSD - one of the most tamper-proof systems, we additionally modified the core to increase security politic. ISPmanager - an individual directory created for every user, only an owner has an access to it Generation of passwords — panel ISPmanager has a integrated mechanism of generation of complex passwords. Brute-force — monitoring system Fail2Ban automatically recognize attempts brute-force and blocked malicious access to server.

Fighting with viruses — auto check of site directories by antivirus Clamav. Order Site hosting now. Maximal weight uploaded file on PHP hosting - Mb. Timeout of data base require is 30 sec. Timeout of site answer on http — 60 sec. Timeout of Block IP of user in case security policy violations — 60 minutes. Order site hosting now. FAQ How to get a discount? Copy of activation you can find in personal account — Services — Game hosting — Welcome. Check folder Junk, sometimes letters get there.