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I certainly hope you enjoy reading this article as much as I do. Тиде тыланда келша гын лаштык, feel free to share with your friends да signup for my newsletter using the link below! This is a great post for anyone who is just starting or ready for a change in their hosting provider.

The qualities your look for in a hosting provider is what I looked for too. Those discount codes will certainly come in handy too!

Thank you for your kind words. I like the point where they always try to help out as much as possible and helping me getting my hands dirty.

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Discount codes? Haha just trying to share the best deal with everyone around especially with DreamHost. Take care and have a great week! Which hosting provider will you support. Умшаваш, I would go for HostGator. I meanit is a much better choice in terms of pricing plans and support. A few questions you can ask yourself are: How much traffic are you talking about?

What is your budget? How far do you want to grow your site? You can also read my HostGator review too.

Drop me a line тыште if you need any help. I am seeking for your professional advice. I currently use bluehost to host my siteat a price of around USD8 per month. Website loading speed has some effect on ranking too.

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Конешне, unless your website is always slow or down then that is a whole different story. Google ranking is hard to determine as you need to understand how much competitions you are having. Domain agefreshness of the article etc play a huge role in SERP nowadays.

Hope this answer your question and drop me a line if you need help. Thanks for the response. I think the speed is okay. I think the issue is my linking strategy that is not strong enough. It really depends. On pingdomyour site is about 6 sec from US servers. Тугеже кеч-могайыште, it is easier to rank for some specific and long tail keywords.

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I believe you are writing about tech right? It is a very competitive niche! I wrote a few ways of SEO here and you can feel free to have a look. I agree with your first point completely!

The most important aspect when choosing the right hosting company is definitely customer service and support. While I know price is an important factor for a lot of bloggers and website ownersknowing that your web hosting company is both competent and available can relieve a lot of stress and worry.

Enjoy your day! Thanks for dropping by. Last timeprice was always an issue but as time passes byI realized that I need more service and support especially when I have very limited knowledge in IT. Glad I figured that out even though it took a few years. Take care and enjoy your week!

Hostgator and Dreamhost. LatelyI have been thinking about getting a Reseller Hosting Service when my contract with Hostgator is finished this year. YeahI have Hostgator right now and loved them!!!! I never have experience downtime with Hostgator. They keep my site up And …. Talk about a hosting serviceI was just with Hostgator this morning.

Pretty happy with them. And of course customer support is number one with me. Planning on hosting my clients on these. Great for newbies!! Have a great weekendbuddy!! How have you been? You really had a blast with HostGator huh?

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I do experience downtime with them but mostly due to server overload. You knowduring peak timesholidays and stuffs. I an using Baby Plan as well and that is good! Lovely indeed and the price is definitely something to consider!

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Thanks for dropping by and take care! Thanks for dropping by and you are most welcome. Their service is good and no issues until lately with the few down times. Interesting tips Reginald. If you come up to a problem that needs quick help e.

Live chat is not where you can ask for technical help about your web site or web hosting, domain, server or ssl control panel.

Contact Sales Department over telephone line. If you feel that you have to speak voice with a person of our sales team please call us at: No technical support or related questions to technical problems of web hosting, domains, servers or ssl are supported over the phone. For those types of inquiries please open a trouble ticket from your web hosting, domain and ssl control panel. See more about how to contact technical support team. Contact Sales Department Sales Team main responsibility is to understand your needs and help you efficiently throughout our services review.

They guarantee a They have a number of plans to choose from all ranging in space and bandwidth. All plans come with additional features such as 1 click installs, unlimited databases, powerful security, email accounts, instant setup and much more.

You can easily choose from a number of extensions. They have a built in search tool so you can conveniently look up to see if your domain is available. Their webhosting plans come in three different packages all ranging in different features and space.

You can choose from their Bronze, Silver and Gold plans. Disk space ranges from 5GBGB. Bandwidth ranges from 10GB-Unlimited. With Volact hosting you also get a number of email accounts per domain.

Email accounts ranges from unlimited.

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VPS plans are great for clients who do high volume of traffic and transactions. All VPS plans are customizable and can be upgraded as your site continues to grow. There is over 7 plans to choose from. All server hardware is managed on Dell system processors using the latest software and data protection.

If you are in need of live assistance you can reach a live operator via toll free from their contact us page. They also have live messenger where you can ask general questions about plans and pricing. There is no set up fees for their hosting plans and all plans also come with additional add on options and backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. Their VPS hosting plans are inexpensive compared to other major providers.

Their VPS plans come with fully managed support and are completely configurable and customizable. Reseller plans through Volact. With their reseller plans there is no set up fee and no hidden charges. They also come with additional features and support. They are a very reliable hosting company that focuses on providing affordable solutions for website owners and resellers. They offer Not only is Volact reliable and secure but they also are well known in the web hosting community for having little to no cons about their company.