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You will get a pop-up informing you that any change in DNS will take approximately 24 hours to propagate. It asks if you wish to continue.

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Click OK. You can see the settings have been successfully updated, and your domain is now pointing to your new hosting account on our servers. Please remember that it can take 24 to 48 hours for your domain name to fully propagate after you make these changes.

When finished, click on the log-out button. This ends this tutorial. You now know how to update your DNS settings by changing them to our name servers, when your domain name is registered with enom. This tutorial will guide you step by step on how to use and set up an Add-on domain. An Add-on This tutorial will teach how to park a domain. A "Parked" domain shows the same content as the This tutorial will teach you how to set up URL redirects.

Redirects allow you to make a specific As our new hosting client, if you have already purchased your domain name through reg.

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Updating Your DNS at enom. Получите эксклюзивные советы по оптимизации сайта и купоны на хостинг. Full Name - we show it in the review in different places on our website and inside our widgets on 3rd party websites if they use it. It will be shown in the review in different places on our website and inside our widgets on 3rd party websites if they use it. We collect this information automatically when the review is posted by the author.

All reviewers can request the deletion of any personal information and it will be deleted within the 48 hours after the request. They offer basic web hosting, which includes shared and VPS solutions. In addition, they are a domain registration company, email hosting, web security company and more. Many businesses will be happy to use them because they can be your one partner for all the web services that you need. Their website is easy to navigate and loads up quickly, and the services they offer are explained clearly so that even non-technical people will be able to understand them without a problem.

This company has done a good job positioning it self to serve their clients well. This company has a very good platform in place for hosting and with that they are able to offer a great uptime guarantee.

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This is quite impressive. This company has a lot of great features available starting with their hosting services, and going well beyond too. In both cases the services are quite nice. With the shared options you get to choose from several packages.

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While they do have limits, they are high enough so that almost nobody will run into trouble. The disk space limits are between and GB, which is more than enough for any site that could run on a share hosting platform. At this level the bandwidth limitations are completely lifted and your hard drive space is going to be more than enough for any site. They also offer a variety of website promotion options such as the ability to get your site listed in the search engines, pay per click ad management and more.

When you reach out to them they will reply quickly and have the skill needed to handle most any problems. For the price, you really do get a lot of nice features and system specs. This company should be on your list of options to consider. There is very little bad to say about them. Unless you require hosting that is of a higher level than what they can offer, you will almost certainly be happy with this company.

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