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Distributing Your Dedicated Game Server (документация Steamworks)

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Go play something else, then. Why you entitled kids still harp on this is beyond me. No amount of salty posts is going to change that. Cheating will still happen, ddosing might not increase, but cheating, no matter what will happen.

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As for bad connection, even if Bungie do it right, people will still complain because dedicated servers are put in specific places and if you live in Iowa and the closest server is in Chicago and you are playing against a guy in Chicago people will just keep bitching on how much better other players connections are If Bungie does it wrong all the dedicated servers will be in India and anyone in the US will have terrible connection.

Dedicated servers arent the be all end all answer to problems, its punishing people with bad connections or ones that cheat. Good post and thanks for the references. Been playing Destiny since launch and regularly play and then subsequently quit Crucible, due to the laughable connection quality.

"Dedicated Servers" are the Industry Standard NOT P2P! > Destiny | Форумы | allaboutappearances.info

Just today started a match, got a breaker, few kills with my old Shingen E and Inexplicable deaths begin as the red bars appear and the DR spreads across all of us. This one and only match descended into myself and a random teammate just sitting on the ground and not participating.

A Gaming Server from Steiger?

We were then joined by one, then two, enemy players and we just sat there and waited out the timer. No more Crucible for me today! Here is the video interview as they answer the question about Dedicated Servers. You can FFW to 1: However the entire interview is pretty good in terms of other things like the 60fps, etc. What if i have low speeds will dedicated servers help?

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Jayne of Canton. Sadly this also means D2 will actually potentially have MORE lag than D1 unless Bungie has undergone significant optimization of their netcode.

Excellent post, ty Also, Sony prolly has several dedicated servers not being used anymore since they sold out most their franchises to other companies I.

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Day breaker etc And even those companies still use Sony servers. It comes down to this. The throw money at the screen mentality is back. They have half assed another game and our wish list???? They -blam! Anyhow hope you all enjoy the destiny 2 dlc lmao suckers. Activision are just being cheapskates.

Изменено JohnnyRyall Thanks for posting these facts. I wish we could pin this thread to the Destiny forum.

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Great post. Would love to see actibungie defend this complete laziness and cheapness. It would be nice if bungie ever commented on this. Sentinel America. If only I could write my English paper this long