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These sites and hundreds like them operate in a fashion similar to popular online auction sites such as eBay. Because thousands of domain names are purchased and dropped or deregisteredon a daily basis, the pool of names available for resale swells and contracts almost constantly.

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Depending on the site they choose, sellers will generally be charged a listing fee and possibly a sales commission. They can list their domain names and choose from various pricing optionsincluding setting a reserve ie, a minimum acceptable amount for sale, invisible to biddersminimum offer the absolute minimum price a buyer must submit in order to bidand more.

On the other side of the equation, some sites, such as NameJet, offer buyers interested in making high-value purchases a bidder verification service in order to review their eligibility and allow them to secure high-dollar bidding privileges.

Buyers and sellers alike may want to take advantage of an third-party plan such as Escrow. With some careful searching, judicious bidding, and a little luck, you might be able to snag your first-choice domain name from a second-hand source.

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You should add IceNap. Skip to content. Domain Auctions: April 21, How It Works Depending on the site they choose, sellers will generally be charged a listing fee and possibly a sales commission. Buying Domains at Auction Visit a domain auction website to search domains. Options include: This one also has full websites for sale. Premium domains: Estibot Appraisal: Inventory constantly changes. See if you can figure out why the domain was dropped. You dismissed this ad.

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Answered Sep 9, There are a few ways to register a domain name through the domain aftermarket: Thank you for your feedback! How do I get the maximum value for my domain auction on GoDaddy? Where can I find actual sale prices of domains on GoDaddy Auctions?

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After how many days will I get my domain name purchased from GoDaddy domain auction? Why does GoDaddy charge a yearly subscription for bidding on a single domain name on GoDaddy Auctions? Hope the above helps. Want to learn web development from scratch for free?

Answered Mar 5, Related Questions How do I sell a domain name purchased from another register at Godaddy auction?

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What do the traffic rankings on GoDaddy domain auctions mean in real terms? What is a good GoDaddy bid sniper? Why should I buy a premium domain from a GoDaddy auction? What should I check in the premium domain of the GoDaddy auction? I am interested to know what everyone says about this feature on GoDaddy. Personally i've never tried it, but godaddy it's a super large domain registrar with a good reputation, and yes they should be, i had some domains registered there and i like them, although their prices are higher than others.

I've never sold a domain through GoDaddy Auctions but I have purchased a few. A few things I can think of to increase the likely hood of selling your domain through GoDaddy Auctions. Don't sell yourself short: If you have a good domain name and you think it will sell because a lot of people will want it, don't price it too low to start off.

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You may think that there are s of people wanting it, but not all of them will know your domain is available. This will lower the price which increases the likely hood you'll bring in a few bidders to battle over it and hopefully pay more than what you originally wanted Market your domain: Putting a domain up for sale on GoDaddy Auctions won't sell it immediately.

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This will increase the likely hood that your domain will sell in a short amount of time. No one wants to send a person an email and wait a few weeks for a response With GoDaddy Auctions I think they manage most of the responses, but again, I've never sold a domain through them.

I've only purchased through the Auctions.

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Hi reyubskrelcoes Thanks for your question. I never tried to sell any domain by godaddy auction. But I heard there has way of selling domain by GD auction.

But, if you have less quality domainsthey will not much evaluate of your domain due to lot of junk.