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And go surf a few pages of your site. You can check that the GeoIP plugin is working in the settings of eiter this plugin, or the geoip plugin. I recommend you install a local copy of the geomind database through the settings of the geoip plugin.

Does it work with caching?

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I loaded it and find it really useful. Alongside other server stats and tools such as Pingdom and GTMetrix etc this plugin offers an excellent insight into another side of the performance of a site. I really like the detailed report layout and how you can change the focus on each column. Thanks Mr Developer. Scott has been extremely helpful not only in making improvements to the plugin based on my usage and feedback but also in advising some tweaks to improve my server responsiveness.

Great tool and free! Awesome developer support. An additional fortune cookie message is inserted into the list at runtime and then the list is sorted by the message text.

Finally, the list is delivered to the client using a server-side HTML template. The message text must be considered untrusted and properly escaped and the UTF-8 fortune messages must be rendered properly. In this test, each response is a JSON serialization of a freshly-instantiated object that maps the key message to the value Hello, World! In this test, the framework responds with the simplest of responses: The size of the response is kept small so that gigabit Ethernet is not the limiting factor for all implementations.

HTTP pipelining is enabled and higher client-side concurrency levels are used for this test see the "Data table" view. If you have any comments about this roundplease post at the Framework Benchmarks Google Group. Running these benchmarks in your own test environment? You can visualize the results by copying and pasting the contents of your results.

This results web site can only render results for the frameworks it knows about by way of the metadata available for the currently-public Round. Therefore, results for frameworks that are not known by the metadata will not be visible. This is a performance comparison of many web application frameworks executing fundamental tasks such as JSON serialization, database access, and server-side template composition. Each framework is operating in a realistic production configuration. Results are captured on cloud instances and on physical hardware.

The test implementations are largely community-contributed and all source is available at the GitHub repository. We use the word "framework" loosely to refer to platforms, micro-frameworks, and full-stack frameworks. In a March blog entrywe published the results of comparing the performance of several web application frameworks executing simple but representative tasks: Since then, community input has been tremendous.

We—speaking now for all contributors to the project—have been regularly updating the test implementations, expanding coverage, and capturing results in semi-regular updates that we call "rounds.

Web Server Bottlenecks And Performance Tuning

View the latest results from Round Or check out the previous rounds. For that reason, we are extremely happy to receive pull requests from fans of any framework. We would like our tests for every framework to perform optimally, so we invite you to please join in. Round 17 — Another Continuous Benchmarking run promoted to an official round, Round 17 now includes frameworks. In this round, we permitted Postgres query pipelining, which has created a stratification of database tests. We are optimistic that over time, more test implementations will be able to leverage this capability.

Round 16 — Now Dockerized and running on a new gigabit powered hardware environment, Round 16 of the Framework Benchmarks project brings new performance highs and increased stability.

Round 15 — The project exceeded 3, stars on GitHub and has processed nearly 2, pull requests. Continuous benchmarking results are now available on the Results dashboard.

Round 14 — Adoption of the mention-bot from Facebook has proven useful in notifying project participants of changes to their contributions.

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Continuous benchmarking provided a means for several community previews in this round, and we expect that to continue going forward. Note that this round was conducted only on physical hardware within the ServerCentral environment; tests on the cloud environment will return for Round Round 13 also sees new hardware and cloud environments from ServerCentral and Microsoft Azure.

Round 12 — Marking the last round on the Peak environment, Round 12 sees some especially high Plaintext scores. Round 11 — 26 more frameworks, three more languages, and the volume cranked to Round 9 — Thanks to the contribution of a gigabit testing environment by Peak Hostingthe network barrier that frustrated top-performing frameworks in previous rounds has been removed.

The Dell Rxd servers in this new environment feature dual Xeon E v2 processors and illustrate how the spectrum of frameworks scale to forty processor cores. Round 8 — Six more frameworks contributed by the community takes the total count to 90 frameworks and permutations variations of configuration. Round 7 — After a several month hiatus, another large batch of frameworks have been added by the community. Even after consolidating a few, Round 7 counts 84 frameworks and over test permutations!

This round also was the first to use a community-review process. Future rounds will see roughly one week of preview and review by the community prior to release to the public here. Round 6 — Still more tests were contributed by the developer community, bringing the number of frameworks to 74! Round 6 also introduces an "plaintext" test type that exercises HTTP pipelining and higher client-side concurrency levels.

Тестирование производительности и стабильности CentOS : Phoronix Test Suite | Блог компании CKVHOST

Round 5 — The developer community comes through with the addition of ASP. NET tests ready to run on Windows. This round is the first with Windows tests, and we seek assistance from Windows experts to apply additional tuning to bring the results to parity with the Linux tests.

Round 5 also introduces an "update" test type to exercise ORM and database writes. Round 4 also introduces the "Fortune" test to exercise server-side templates and collections. Round 3 — We created this stand-alone site for comparing the results data captured across many web application frameworks. Even more frameworks have been contributed by the community and the testing methodology was changed slightly thanks to enhancements to the testing tool named Wrk. Round 2 — In April, we published a follow-up blog entry named "Frameworks Round 2" where we incorporated changes suggested and contributed by the community.

Round 1 — In a March blog entry, we published the results of comparing the performance of several web application frameworks executing simple but representative tasks: The community reaction was terrific. We are flattered by the volume of feedback.

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We received dozens of comments, suggestions, questions, criticisms, and most importantly, GitHub pull requests at the repository we set up for this project. We operate a continuously-running benchmarking environment. Choosing a web application framework involves evaluation of many factors.

While comparatively easy to measure, performance is frequently given little consideration. We hope to help change that. Application performance can be directly mapped to hosting dollars, and for companies both large and small, hosting costs can be a pain point. Weak performance can also cause premature and costly scale pain by requiring earlier optimization efforts and increased architectural complexity. Для тех, кто знает свою целевую аудиторию, вы можете повысить скорость немного больше, так как вы можете выбрать местоположение своего сервера.

Чем ближе ваш сервер к вашей целевой аудитории, тем лучше скорость вашего сайта будет для них, как правило.

Этот специализированный плагин помогает настроить пользовательские настройки хоста и сторонние функции, чтобы ваша учетная запись хостинга получала большую скорость и оптимизацию безопасности. Плагин предварительно настроен на общий хостинг A2. Если вы один из тех, кто требует лучших из лучших, их. Обновление вашей учетной записи с помощью параметра Turbo Server приведет вас к менее заполненным серверам следовательно, вы получите больше доступа к ресурсам и обеспечивает свободный доступ к Оптимизатор Railgun.

Вы также получаете:.

Web Framework Benchmarks

Скорость сервера является ключевым моментом в веб-хостинге. Хостинг вашего сайта на медленном сервере превращает это, и ваш трафик, скорее всего, будет падать. Помимо скорости, доступность также важна. Нет никакой пинты, имеющей самые быстрые серверы в мире, если ваши серверы находятся в половине случаев.

В этом аспекте A2 Hosting также отлично работает. В основном вы можете ожидать больше, чем доступность Sep Обычно хостинг-провайдеры предлагают скидку на регистрацию, а затем увеличивают плату за продление.

Мне нравится A2 Hosting, потому что, хотя он следует этому стереотипу, их уровень обновления, по крайней мере, разумный. Пинч нельзя избежать во время обновления, но я думаю, что расходы на A2 Hosting справедливы. Для тех, кто просто присоединяется к ним, вы получите единовременную скидку, прежде чем платить стандартные тарифы при продлении. Подробная информация о ценах публикуется на странице предложений хостинга A2. Попробуйте, прежде чем купить его! Ну, не совсем так, но благодаря гарантии возврата денег дня, по крайней мере, вы можете передумать, если вы недовольны тем, что вы купили.

В случае, если вы передумаете после простоя медового месяца day, вы все равно можете получить пропорциональное возмещение от компании по неиспользуемым услугам. Не все из нас только начинают с нашего первого сайта, и если вы один из тех, у кого существующий сайт, вы можете бояться его переместить. Не беспокойтесь, с A2 Hosting, как только вы зарегистрируетесь, они сделают это за вас!

Все, что вам нужно сделать, как только вы зарегистрируетесь, - это связаться со службой поддержки компании, и они помогут вам, просто.

A2 Hosting предлагает бесплатную миграцию сайта новым клиентам. Параметры всегда хороши, и A2 Hosting позволяет вам выбирать из любого из своих центров обработки данных по всему миру, на котором будут размещаться. Average - Benchmark: Integer] This benchmark tests the system memory RAM performance. Flexible IO Tester — SQLite — At present this test profile just measures the time to perform a pre-defined number of insertions on an indexed database. The short run lengths are only useful for heating up your CPU, for a proper test, use the 6 or 12 hour run length.

This test will cause unstable hardware to stop responding and require a hard reboot. Еще по теме: CentOSТесты.