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The allegations listed in sections 1 and 2 may be raised no later than in the Response to the Suit. The Arbitrator shall consider allegations listed in sections 1 and 2 before resolving the matter of the case. Arbitrator shall assure equal treatment of the parties during arbitration proceedings.

Arbitrator shall enable parties to present their positions in the matter, however, he should counteract prolongation of the arbitration proceedings by a party. The time limits set in the Rules may be extendedonly in exceptional cases.

Extension of time limits, excluding the situation when the parties jointlysubmit therefore, depends on the Arbitrator and may not be challenged by the parties. The language of the proceedings shall be Polish, unless the Arbitrator decides otherwise upon joint request of the parties.

All documents prepared in languages other than the Polish language shall be accompanied bytranslations into the Polish language, unless the Arbitrator decides otherwise upon the joint request ofthe parties. Unless the Rules state otherwise, neither the parties nor their attorneys may contact the Arbitrator in mattersconcerning the proceedings in the absence of the other party.

The Arbitrator may stipulate that any and allcorrespondence in the case shall be delivered to him via the Court Secretary or President of the Court. The Arbitrator may request from a party documents or other evidence material of essential relevance tothe resolution of the matter and may also request from a party an access for an expert to certainevidence in possession of a party. Arbitrator may issue an award on the basis of collected evidentiary material, if neither of the partiesavails itself of the opportunity to present additional evidence within the time set by Arbitrator.

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The motion to summon a witness should contain the identity and address of the witness the party wishes to call, the subject of said testimony and its relevance to the resolution of the matter. Until an award is issued, the costs of testimony by the witness shall be borne by the party calling thewitness. If the witness fails to appear at a hearing in order to testify, Arbitrator shall not set another hearing,irrespective of the reasons witness did not appear at the hearing.

However, Arbitrator may permitwitness to testify in writing within a time set by Arbitrator, however, the text of a declaration so filedshould immediately be made available to both parties.

Регистрация Доменов PL

A witness may be present in the hearing room only during his or her testimony, unless Arbitratordecides otherwise. The Arbitrator may appoint one or more independent experts, who shall file an opinion therewith regarding issues indicated by Arbitrator.

The expert shall sign a confidentiality agreement. In the event a hearing is set and an expert is appointed therefore, the parties shall be able to questionthe expert. In the event a hearing is set, a party may also present the opinion of its own expert regardingissues covered by the subject matter of the hearing and may question the expert, during whichquestioning provisions of Article 26 are applicable.

At the request of both parties or at its own discretion, should it find such to be necessary for thecomprehensive explication of the circumstances of the case, Arbitrator may order a hearing forpurposes of hearing testimonial evidence of witnesses, expert opinions or parties hearing. Arbitrator shall notify the parties about the time and venue of the hearing no later than 5 five businessdays prior to the date of its occurrence.

Hearings are not open to the public, i. Non-appearance of a party or its attorney at a hearing about which they were properly noticed does notsuspend the proceedings. A record of the hearing shall be drawn up by the Court Secretary, signed by the Arbitrator and the CourtSecretary.

The Arbitrator may order recording of the hearing by means of equipment recording soundand the persons participating in the hearing should be so warned before such equipment is activated. Upon the lapse of the time limit defined in Article 25 section 4, the Arbitrator shall close the proceedings should he find all circumstances, which have material impact for the resolution of the case, to havebeen explicated. If the proceedings have not been closed within the time described in item 1, Arbitrator shall present tothe President of the Court explanations in writing concerning the status of the arbitration proceedings,with a copy for each of the parties.

Further explanations shall be conveyed to the President of the Courtby the Arbitrator, with a copy for each party, every 14 fourteen days, until the closing of theproceedings. The Arbitrator shall immediately inform the parties and the Court of closing the examinationproceedings, while setting a time limit for submitting motions for the reimbursement of the costs ofproceedings. In resolving the case, the Arbitrator shall issue an award in the understanding of the code of civilprocedure.

The award should be prepared in writing and contain: The decision should be issued within 10 days from the closing of the proceedings. The Court shall convey to each of the parties, with a signed notice or proof of receipt, a copy of theaward signed by Arbitrator like the original. The award in original and copies of the award are sealedwith the Court stamp and shall be signed also by the President of the Court.

If the case was resolved by three Arbitrators, decisions are issued by the majority thereof, unless theparties decide otherwise. However, a single head Arbitrator may decide procedural matters, if he or shehas been authorized therefore by the parties or the arbitration court.

Provisions concerning the award shall apply respectively to other decisions of the Arbitrator concerningthe case. At any time during the arbitration proceedings parties may conclude a settlement before the Arbitrator, whoshall confirm settlement conclusion by signing its text along with the parties. Original copies of the settlementshall be conveyed to the Court and to the parties.

The Arbitrator shall issue a decision discontinuing the arbitration proceedings if: The Court shall immediately convey the information on the discontinuance of the arbitrationproceedings to NASK. Within 30 days from the delivery of the award, the party may request correction of any possible wording or calculation errors. Such request shall be sent by the party to the Court and to the other party.

If the Arbitrator finds the request to be justified, he shall do the correction within 14 days of the filing of therequest, by issuing a decision. By means of an appropriate a decision, the Arbitrator may correct any wording or calculation errorsacting by himself or upon a request by the party.

Within 30 days from the issuance of the award, unless the parties have set another date, each of theparties after notifying the other party, may request from the Arbitrator interpretation of the conclusion ofthe award.

If the Arbitrator finds such request justified, he shall provide the interpretation within thirtydays from the receipt of the request. The interpretation comprises an integral part of the award. Before filing a pre-trial motionthe Claimant should pay the administration fee. If the Claimant fails to pay the induction fee within the time limit, the Suit shall be rejected after 14 days of the receipt by the Claimant of an summon to pay the fee. If the party fails topay, the actions shall not be performed.

Pursuant to Article 29 section 3, a party should file with Arbitrator a list of all costs of the arbitration proceedings incurred thereby. These costs may include the induction fee, costs incurred by the party inconducting evidence in the examination proceedings, as well as reasonable costs of representation andlegal assistance in the matter.

The party should append documents substantiating incurring of saidcosts. Taking into account the application described in paragraph 1, Arbitrator shall set and adjudge in Zlotythe costs of the arbitration proceedings to the winning party from the losing party. The costs of the proceedings may be mutually annulled, or shared in appropriate proportion betweenthe parties.

Within the understanding of this Article, confidential information shall mean all information, irrespective of the medium on which it is recorded, which is: The party claiming confidentiality of information it intends to or is obligated to present in an arbitration proceedings, including presentation thereof to an expert, shall file with the Arbitrator, along with a copyfor the other party, a motion for the treatment of the given information as confidential and indicate thereasons why it considers the information confidential.

The Arbitrator shall decide on what conditions and to whom confidential information may be disclosedin whole or in part and shall require from the person to whom such information shall be disclosed awritten declaration to maintain the confidentiality of disclosed information. Any information conveyed by the parties, the Arbitrator, the Mediator or other persons participating in the arbitration proceedings, may not be disclosed to third parties by other persons participating in the17proceedings including the Arbitrator, the Mediator, the President of the Court, the Court Secretary andMembers of the Council of the Court.

The prohibition of disclosing information concerning theproceedings includes the fact of its commencement. The prohibition of disclosing information concerning the arbitration proceedings may be exempted inthe following cases: Awards selected by the Council of the Court and the justification thereof shall b published by the Councilof the Court on the internet website of the Court or in the information materials but within 14 days fromthe delivery of the award, the parties may demand the exclusion from the publication of certain datawhich allow their identification.

The President of the Court may consent to the publication of all or selected theses of the awards issuedby the Court in the media, including the press. Within 14 days from the delivery of the award, theparties may demand the exclusion from the publication of certain data which allow their identification.

The party calling a witness shall be responsible for the maintenance of confidentiality by the witness tothe extent required from the party. Neither the Arbitrator nor the Mediator or members of the bodies of the Court shall be liable for anydamage arising from their activities or omissions related to the arbitration proceedings conductedpursuant to these Rules, unless intentional fault on their part has been found.

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