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Not to worry: Domain flipping is the process of purchasing a domain name with the intent of quickly selling it at a significantly higher cost. This is similar to house flipping, where a home is purchased and fixed up in order to sell for a quick profit. Unlike house flipping, however, there is essentially nothing to be done with the domain name in order to increase its value. Therefore, the key to a successful domain flip is being in the right place at the right time in order to acquire a valuable domain name before it is given a premium price.

Upon expiry, a domain enters a Redemption Grace Period RGP giving the owner one last chance to reclaim it typically 30 to 90 days. After this period, it is then made public for someone else to register. A drop catching service allows people to bid on a domain name that is currently in the RGP and soon to be available for registration.

If you're looking to offload your extra domains to make some spare cash, or if you're sitting on a premium domain name worth a goldmine, see Step 1 below to learn how to sell it. To create this article, 21 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewedtimes. Creating and Enhancing a Website.

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Menjual Nama Domain. Learn more. Learn more Determine your domain's value. Before you start taking offers or listing your domain, take stock of its value so that you can come up with a good price.

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There are a lot factors to take into consideration when determining the value of a domain, so if you are unsure it may be wise to contact a company that performs these assessments. Some of the major factors include: Traffic - This is one of the primary influences of the domain's value. The number of visitors the domain gets from users typing the URL, searching, or coming from links will have a big impact on the value, especially if these visitors are monetized.

Top Level Domains - The most valuable websites are ". These are far more valuable than any other top level domain. Length and Readability - One- and two-word names in English are the most valuable commodities.

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They are especially valuable if they are directly related to an industry hotels. Be realistic about the price.

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Domains that sell for thousands of dollars are rare. Unless you have a highly sought-after domain, you may not receive a large amount for it. It will help to be realistic in your pricing if you are intent on selling them. Hang up a "For Sale" sign. One of the best ways to get offers on your domain is to put up a simple "For Sale" message on your site.

This will let any visitor know immediately that the domain is available for purchase and how to get in contact. There are several ways you can do this: Many domain registrars provide simple free websites. Use the tools provided to create basic page that indicates the domain is for sale.

You could include a link to the domain listing or include your contact information beware of spam. You can add a page to one of your existing websites and redirect all of your for-sale domains to that sales page. You can change your registration information to reflect the fact that the domain is for sale. For example, you can add "Domain For Sale" to the end of the owner name.

Park your domain. If you aren't sure if your domain is going to be sold soon, you can register it with a domain parking service. These sites will provide landing pages for your domains that contain links to advertisements, which can earn you money while you await a buyer.

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Most domain parking services include "For Sale" signs and services. List your domain with a selling service.

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There are a variety of selling services that will list your site. Domain auction sites allow users to search multiple domain names that are listed for sale by owner, and to place bids on the names they want to purchase. As in any auction, the highest bidder wins. The more desirable a domain name, [1] the higher the winning bid, and auction sites often provide links to escrow agents to facilitate the safe transfer of funds and domain properties between the auctioning parties.

A number of factors have contributed to the rise in popularity of the domain name auction. The personalization of the web resulted in domain names being purchased by more private individuals and businesses than originally anticipated; and as a result there was also a rise in speculation and domain name warehousing. Anticipating a growing need for a targeted top-level domain namedomainers began to purchase names with an eye towards selling them at a later time.

The advancing field of Search Engine Optimization SEO has also increased the desire to own a domain name that accurately reflects the subject matter of the web site. Search Engine Optimization has put pressure on individuals and companies to consider how accurate domain names relate to their content. Therefore, they need to make sure their domain name closely relate to the content presented; allowing researchers to put the least possible energy and resources into quickly finding domain names with accurate information.

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Domain name auctions have become more popular when buyers and sellers are looking for specific domain names to achieve high Search Engine Optimization. Another factor why more and more people are purchasing expired domains [3] is solely for the traffic they generate. Search Engine Optimization experts use traffic generated to sell on to make a profit.

The Ultimate Guide: How to Sell a Domain Name

A domain auction website provides the technology through which users can list or purchase multiple domains easily and conveniently. Domain parkingonce the most efficient method for advertising a domain for sale, allowed a domain owner to post the availability of the domain on a page, hoping someone who was interested in that name would surf through and see it listed for sale. With the development of the domain auctionmultiple users can list multiple domains all in the same place, thereby exposing them to a greater number of potential buyers.

Sites such as eBay and Sedo have made using auctions very commonplace, [5] [6] and domain auction sites also require little to no technical knowledge to use. In the past, if a domain name was already registered by another party, it was generally advisable to choose a different name.