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Domain auction clearances. All consistent with further falls in home prices Risk on downside. Mr Oliver, who in March predicted a 15 per cent decline in housing prices to the trough in he expected in Sydney and Melbourne, said he may revise that forecast even lower. Melbourne's preliminary clearance rate of Sydney's preliminary 52 per cent was also weaker than the previous week's initial This three-bedroom terrace at 5 Huntington Street, Crows Nest, failed to sell.

Peter Rae SMH.

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The strongest auction market was Canberra, where the preliminary reading of Adelaide, which had 70 auctions scheduled for the week, returned a preliminary clearance rate of This was well down on the preliminary They have always provided us with excellent service tailored to the needs our ever growing online businesses.

They are friendly, extremely knowledgeable and always eager to assist and most of all — they deliver. As a full time domainer, I use their Snapper platform almost every day to acquire domains at excellent prices.

And as the owner of a successful domain name forum, I know that our community values the contribution that Netfleet continues to make to our marketplace. We have acquired some very profitable domains using these platforms. In addition to their great platforms for both purchasing and seller domains the NetFleet team have always been responsive to questions, feedback and suggestions.

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They have most advanced auction platform in the domain market and it lets you buy or sell domain names in most convenient ways. They also have provided us with excellent service. The team at Netfleet are experts in their field, offer prompt support and have been great to work with. For ourselves and for some of our clients many being small businessesNetfleet has provided the opportunity to purchase premium domain names that would have otherwise only been accessible to those with far greater technical and financial resources.

Their staff have always been friendly, very helpful and, while they are extremely knowledgeable, they understand not everyone has the same level of expertise. Considering their excellent customer service combined with an industry leading platform, it is understandable why they are the number one marketplace for Australian domain names. I would not hesitate to recommend Netfleet to anyone interested in the benefits a better domain name can bring to their business. Netfleet provide the utmost in personalised service, customer satisfaction and professionalism in handling my investments.

I would highly recommend Netfleet to any new or experience domain name investor. As has been the case for some time now, the surge in sales of premium domain names has shown little sign of abating.

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Coming in as a clear winner, ev Australia's No. Today's Auction Closes hours 0. Search for great domain names Search thousands of premium domain names by entering your keyword.

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Sydney Property Buying Tips. Why the Slowdown? A greater volume of stock to choose from. Fewer buyers and less competition. More time to consider the options, carry out the research and undertake due diligence.

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The best buying conditions for purchasers in at least 18 months. A number of prospective buyers have told us that they intend to delay their searches until after the New Year. If everyone does the same thing, you are likely to find prices will be better now than after the New Year.