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View Video. Slide 1 Host. Should not co-locate conflicting vms to same server. Game server - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia Game server; DNS; E-mail; A game server sometimes host or shard is a server which is the authoritative source of events in a multiplayer video game.

Document Retrieval. This will show you pretty much everything what is happening on your server Events: To add a map to maprotation simply set Rounds, choose a gamemode and map and click the right-arrow.

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To start a choosen map doubleclick on it "Current maplist", this will end your running map, be careful. You can rightclick on a map in maplist and "set as next map". Server Settings: Always hit apply.

Most settings will take effect on next round. Save and make it read-only. This configuration will be loaded on ServerStart.

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You can also manually edit the MapList. These lines: In-Game Admin: You can edit pbsv. You can not connect to a PB-ON server locally!

How to open ZLOBF4 Server v. r60? - Rules, FAQ, Tutorials - ZloFenix Games

PB will always kick local connections. PB was not designed with LAN in mind, there is currently nothing you can do about this. To disable PB add -VeniceOnline. However you can activate a "pseudo multicore-supprt" via Win32Game. ThreadingEnable true -Core. JobProcessorCount X where X stands for your core-count.

It is imortant to understand that the plugins are not running on the server, they are running in PRoCon. So if you shut down procon the plugins will be gone. So install and configurate all plugins on the ServerPC-procon only and leave this procon always running when your server runs.

I am assuming that you run the server on a serperate PC. To administrate your server from somewhere else GamingPC, friend to whom you gave admin access, portable device This will eliminate the risk of 2 admins running different plugins with different settings and keep the server from crashing. PRoCon for Android: Click "Turn PRoCon layer server on".

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Binding address: Restart your router and procon, then create an account in procon under accounts-tab. To get the ingame admin working you have to choose your ingamename as Account-Username, same goes for everyone else you want to give ingame-adminrights to.

Create as many accounts as you like. Then click on an account and set privileges.