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Если же нет, то включается крутая камера от 3-го лица, а зомби набрасываются есть труп, что увеличивает эффект погружения. A basic survival quest has been added along with radiant treasure quests where you dig for treasure and repeatable quest challenge notes that give you skill points and other rewards for completing. Treasure and Challenge quests can be obtained from loot. This is just the beginning folks we have big plans for more. Мы добавили 16 пресетов, которые вы можете изменять.

Не беспокойтесь, вы и сейчас можете создать своего собственного персонажа. Мы так же обновили и улучшили много одежды и исправили баги связанные с ней lot of the clothing and clothing fitting and clipping issues.

Наши персонажи никогда не выглядели так хорошо. Много работы ушло на улучшение анимации и систем анимации. Например, быстрая смена инструмента, новая fov камера и много исправлений анимации. We captured both male and female player sounds, base and special infected zombie sounds and future audio for traders, quest givers and bandits so stay tuned. Dynamic Fluids System. Water flow and Flooding — You can control where the water goes now by digging trenches for the water to flow through.

Drop enough water into a hole and it will fill up. Swim through flooded basements or even lakes to find extra survivalist treasures. Evaporation — Water must be kept in buckets, enclosed structures or holes in the ground or it will evaporate and soon be gone.

Drinking water with hands does not lower the water density, but will still satiate your thirst a bit. All brick blocks not ramps, stairs etc are now repairable with cobblestones, and can upgrade to reinforced concrete with concrete mix and a repair tool.

They are downgraded to solid wood frames. Все бетонные квадратные блоки могут быть повышены до железобетона и блока бетонной смеси.

Please run this command when you encounter bugs with player temperature issue, and include your log file in bug reports. New zombie screamer female zombie. She replaces the spider zombie who use to call the dynamic horde.

Bears chase players longer before they give up, have more health, give more xp, and run faster. Orange couches can now be harvested for cloth and planks. Leather couches can be harvested for leather and planks.

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They can no longer be picked up. They are harder to destroy. Condensed all boiled grilled and charred rabbit, pork and venison to boiled, grilled and charred meat.

Reduced how common goldenrod is.


It is now most common in the plains and rarely grows in the forests. Now that blocks have density gore no longer downgrades to lower density versions when chopped up, but is a little harder to break. Storage crates all take 20 wood to make and no longer need unique items like crossbow bolts, stone etc to craft. Unified all stalactites, stalagmites, coal and potassium nitrite blocks to drop the same amount of resources.

Blunderbuss is the highest dealing shotgun now, pump shotgun second and long barrel shotgun third. Each has a narrower spread pattern. All cars in the world and in prefabs are the new cheaper versions that look just as good. Unified crop and plant harvesting. Plucking it or destroying it yields the same amount.

However using a tool gives you xp. Deleted old low res zombie assets including base males and base females, nurses, Hawaiian shirt fat zombies. RIP you served us well. Weight of leather to 1 so that the lightest of leather items could be scrapped.

Removed weights from all leather pieces and let the game auto calc how many you get based on recipe, added gated recipe for duster so it could be scrapped.

Thus we remove the craft timer and loot timer menu and server options from the game. Updated various world textures including concrete, asphalt, floor tiles, old cabinets and more. Gunpowder recipe now takes 1 coal and 1 nitrate to make 1gp instead of 10 and 10 to make With the addition of the new recipe based forging system we have moved some recipes to the forge like buckshot, iron bars and brick based blocks stay tuned for more.

Added another stage to infection. The first version can be cured with honey or antibiotics and has no negative side effects.

After 24 hours it transitions to the traditional infection, stage 1,2,3 and 4. Coffee and Chrysanthemum are now unified like other crops, they cannot be taken, but must be harvested. Tazas stone axe so it can harvest, and it now extends the regular stone axe so everything should be unified except for its unique attributes.

That said we removed the craft timer and loot timer menu and server options from the game Added: Console ListEntities shows item type on dropped items Added: Possible values: Видеоигры Кино ТВ Вики. Исследуйте вики Вики Сообщества Создать вики. Войти Нет учётной записи? Создать вики. Stone tools require more small rocks. Economy balancing Changed: Updated Maria character preset to be more appealing Changed: New sounds hooked up for garage doors Changed: Adjusted blood moon and snow fog Changed: Set hornet wing to better alpha values.

Not working on fog yet Changed: Increased rain epicness drop count, opacity, stretch Changed: Updated curb wasteland textures Changed: Sub biome in the forest blends better with main biome vegetation Changed: Updated cotton flower art Changed: Repairable weapons or tool do not. Updated plains biome art Changed: Fixed the AudioSource the announcement sounds were pointing to. Made garage door sounds louder. Forest can randomly be a little colder.

Wasteland now has extreme temperatures. Clothing rebalanced for temperature and wetness protection details in XML. Zombie kill XP and level XP rebalanced. At level 60 you need Made vending sounds louder. Made plant pick sfx louder. Biome ore distribution rebalanced Changed: Increased probability and value of precious ore blocks Changed: Updated the chemistry station recipe to better reflect the block model Changed: In loot or on traders you can find better items than what you can craft yourself Changed: The audio options slider for music should now affect these.

If more than 50 items are dropped on a chunk, delete the oldest until there are only 50 again. Rebalanced skill gain. Repairing items and using weapons gets you noticeable increases. Adjusted crafting perk costs like for concrete Changed: Raised ambient in the mixer Changed: Raised impacts and reduced menu sounds.

Made red and green maples more saturated Changed: Footstep volumes increased when entity is running, including self Changed: Blunderbuss is better early on but does not get that much better at high QL. Go get a shotgun. All biped corpses excl chickens decay in 45s. Others s. Their loot moves to the gore block. Optimized tree texture compression Changed: Optimized campfire and forge particles, added Light LOD cutoff for their light sources. Reduced weapon switch time in third person.

Masked gunjoint in idle animation to reduce guns rotating sideways when switching.

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Make ladders stickier Changed: Was a request from the modder Changed: Increased zombie cop and feral block damage Changed: Updated blunderbuss, AK and chainsaw art Changed: Huge update to forest art Changed: Updated stone texture Changed: All terrain textures tile every 8 meters instead of every 4, this helps texture tiling on distant terrain Changed: Buffs can play auto-gender pain or hit sounds Changed: Updated curb grass and asphalt to match new terrain grass Changed: Tweaked blood moon visuals Changed: Non threaded HubCellData pregeneration updated to work like the threaded version Changed: Dedicated servers now use the non threaded HubCellData pregeneration Changed: Improved cloudy spectrums and fog Changed: Feral zombies have way less hit points but always run even during the day Changed: Scrap Cable is no longer used.

Mechanical Parts are being used instead. Updated water normal map Changed: Bellows and poncho can be crafted from either animal hide or leather Changed: Treasure chests may have more actual treasure Changed: Ore veins can be found by traces of gravel on the surface. Follow them down and you will find iron. Follow the iron and you find everything else. Plant fiber garments are not better than cloth ones. Removed 2 temporary recipes that are no longer needed. A mining helmet is crafted from a football helmet, not a scrap one.

The hoe is not a very good repair tool. Biker boots are the best leather boots you can get. The wrench recipe no longer requires a schematic. Gravel is a little more stable. Added specific temperatures per biome for day 1 weather grace period. Pine Forest 60, Maple Forest 60, Snow 45 and all other biomes Removed audio from supply drop parachute opening in the sky.

Recipe searches show results for all workstations with icons. Removed un-used old resource deposit coal and nitrate prefabs will be changed to new ones. Adjusted crafting time bonus on skills.

Ore distribution 2. All biomes have iron ore and a rare chance for all ores. Each biome has a predominate ore which can be seen in small piles on the surface and found in that biome near bedrock. Special ores per biome are nitrate in snow and wasteland, lead in the maple and pine forests, coal in the plains and burnt forests, and oil shale in the desert. You can also look for light brown gravel spots on the ground or the map and dig down from there to find the resource veins.

Clay can be seen as a medium brown spot on the surface. Wood ladders can be upgraded to metal ladders Changed: Flashlights are less common in backpacks. Console key is shown in controls menu and now defaults to F1 for compatibility with European keyboards. Removed all player spawns from the Navezgane and Random Gen Wastelands. Reduced crafting time on wood items. Traps rebalanced. Barbed wire fences slow enemies, spike traps kill them, log spikes are more durable.

POI zombies to not be territorial. Note that dogs and bears still give up the chase after a certain amount of time. Made most of the corn at the Navezgane farm dead there are still some harvestable corn there to loot. Reduced intensity of burning barrel light. Gravity on arrows is more realistic. The cheaper gunpowder recipe has been moved to the chemistry station. The coal torch recipe has been removed. Blunderbuss ammo made from iron has been removed. The blade of an auger or chainsaw can be recrafted at a workbench.

Stone layer removed from the desert. Updated water textures. HubCellData now sent to clients from the server. Update iron ore, and lead ore to be more distinguishable. Reduced mouse sensitivity when zoomed. Explosives rebalanced zombie damage not yet working correctly Changed: Weather transitions speed increased by 6. Removed AudioPlayer. Coal and nitrate can be found in loot.

Explosion damage rebalanced. There are new loading screen images that also reduce memory. Updated Navezgane and RGW world thumbnail images. Glass has more structural integrity so small glass ceilings can be built Changed: Surface boulders can drop ores other than iron. Player cannot jump in shallow water during crouching Fixed: Plantfiber and leather hood are rigged to eyes.

SWAT helmet clips through female head Fixed: Jumping animation is glitching when character is in idle state Fixed: Moon alpha Fixed: Minibike horn too quiet Fixed: Minibike causing insane damage to players, once it was hit by spikes Fixed: Queued tooltips and sounds display after quitting and starting a different game. Medicine skill effects do not show on items or buffs Fixed: Tracking waypoint does not work properly. Removed blood splatter on respawn Fixed: Perk level 0 so that a perk displays what it currently does before you buy it Fixed: Ballcap uses faceted lighting Fixed: Sneaking status and hitpoints indicator appear on the black screen after death.

Sounds pause when game is paused Fixed: Not able to jump on block while in water Fixed: Underwater soundFX Fixed: Ranged gunshot sound played when game starts if equipped Fixed: Movement fade removed from non-weapon crosshair Fixed: Unnecessary prompt when trying to disassemble weapon on reloading.

Yucca Plant have low quality textures and strange rotation problems. FP — UI — Buffwindow disappears when clicking on buff after inspecting item. Reentering session with active crafting causes crafted item SFX to be audible outside of crafting menu. Misleading Buckshot description Fixed: Missing skill in the Leather Tanning book description Fixed: Redundant dot in Iron Leg Armor text Fixed: Glow around player when fog is in transition Fixed: Audio base volume on object types Fixed: Moon cycle Fixed: Zombies have a chance of walking on one leg Fixed: Zombies have incorrect dismemberment animation while stunned and lying on the ground Fixed: Want you to translate the game your languege?

Right place! Chapter 1: How to translation Alpha 13 1. Most of the text that contains the "Localization.

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You need to export "Localization. Use the Unity Assets Editor Download: The DLL file need the run "deobfuscate-7dtd" before editing. Download and info: Use the any hard coded dll editor program.

I use the radialix. Download and information: Window and any other text in the XML files contain. Add more items the "Localization. This method is not compatible with EAC. You can play any way this method Local game: Load game without EAC protection. Load game without EAC protection and connect eac without protection servers. How can I use the custom fonts in game? It does not work, maybe the beta is solved.

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Many thanks! Now Russian characters are supported!!! The menu does not display the Russian characters, just emptiness. What to do? I mean that in Localization. Hi, i wrote a program to make it more easy: For example in the Russian. Is it possible to make to the program has translated all the text in the selected language? For example in the Russian Do you mean the language of the program it self?

Do you mean the language of the program it self? How to translate text into Localization. But in a game national characters not latin are not visible. The proposed transfer from http: Adding font to a folder followed by an indication of it in the same styles.

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I hope all the same will in future patches opportunity through normal modes change languages. Just wondered, to which language do you translate?